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Happy Spring!!!

Happy Ostara!

I hope this spring brings everyone the life and renewal they want need. We made it through the winter again!

image from: http://www.fortunasoracle.com/images/ostara_enhanced.jpg


Happy Yule!!

Happy Yule! Blessed Solstice! The sun is returning. :-)

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Veterans' Day

Thank you, Veterans

(sorry if you see this twice)

Blessed Mabon!

Happy harvest and hope that everyone has a wonderful equinox.

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Writer's Block: All About My Mother

Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?
Molly Weasley. Hands down.

She's kind, loving, and a bit overbearing at times but she has the biggest heart and is determined to make due with whatever comes her way, the good and the bad. Kind woman but don't piss her off (just ask the twins) or go after her kids (uh...book 7.)

Yeah. Molly Weasley.

Like you expected anything else...seriously...


Happy Beltane!!!

I wish I was at 4 Quarters this weekend!

I hope everyone continues to have a wonderful spring. :-)

picture from here.

It's late but true

Happy Ostara!!

from: http://valrin.dk/joomla/images/stories/ostara_enhanced.jpg

I spent my day yesterday with family doing stuff like seeing my cutie-pie of a nephew and visiting my grandmother. Also interviewed for my field placement at the violent crimes compensation board for next year. It was good. I'm doing a brief ritual today. Happy Spring everyone!!!! :-)


Delaware Marathon Strides for Hope.

So I've made a decision to get myself motivated in running and contribute to an organization that I really believe in. I'm going to participate in Strides for Hope for The Wellness Community- Delaware. Strides for Hope is a marathon/half-marathon team that participates in marathons all over the country to raise money for The Wellness Community. The last one was in San Antonio and they are going to be participating in the Chicago Marathon this coming August. I recently found out they are going to run in the Delaware Marathon in Wilmington.

The Wellness Community is where I'm doing my internship and it provides support, educational, and mind-body-spirit programs to people with cancer and their family members/support system free of charge. They do not bill individuals or insurance companies for anything they provide and provide wonderful services. It's a wonderful place and has meant a lot to me during my time here so any little thing I can do to help raise money for this wonderful organization, I'm going to. Like everyone, especially small non-profit organizations, TWC has gotten hit hard by the downward spiral of the economy. I believe it offers important programs and support to people who are normally very isolated because of illness either of themselves or of their family members. I want it to be able to continue to offer their programs and keep the lights on.

I really, really want to do it and need to raise $300 at least to participate. So...anyone anyone ANYONE willing to donate anything to this, please let me know. Even if I can get 30 people to donate $10 I'm there so it doesn't have to be much. I just signed up with Susan like...4 minutes ago. Eventually I will go on the TWC site for Strides and people will be able to do internet donations (for my out of state friends). I'll let you know when that happens. This should be really fun. Also--to any runners/walkers out there, if you would like to participate too let me know!! The people here are supercool and would love any particpation. :-)

So that's that. They will probably be the bulk of non-holiday related public posts for me from now until May 17th. I'm so excited!!!! Hopefully Laura will come through and switch day shifts for me (it's on a Sunday) and I will not have to take vacation time and find a back up person.

(To learn more about The Wellness Community- Delaware go to: http://www.wellnessdelaware.org/)


Happy Imbolc!

Some people celebrate it on Feb. 1, some on Feb. 2. I had to celebrate it today because of my splediferous work schedule, but we're getting through the winter and that's what matters. Spring is on the way!!!

Happy Yule!!!!